A winter spent in Queenstown

The anniversary of my year in New Zealand has just been and gone, and I have so many stories to tell, so many pictures to share… and yet I’m doing a terrible job at doing just that.

The following few posts are a quick run-through of what I’ve been up to over the last 9 months.


Queenstown and the Remarkables from the Skyline

Queenstown and the Remarkables from the Skyline

Spending 6 glorious months (May – Nov 2015) in this beautifully compact town in New Zealand was a truly fantastic experience. The following is a typical day in the life of a Queenstown ski bum:

10am  – Head up the mountain
11am  – Ski/ board all day
5pm   – Head to work, free dinner
10pm – Finish work, free beer
11pm  – Head out on the lash





Sometimes I can’t believe this was my life for the whole of the ski season. It was great, I had SO much ski time it was ridiculous. But perhaps my wallet, and my liver were a little sore by the end of my time in Queenstown.


In Queenstown you’re surrounded by absolutely stunning scenery, the air is fresh and the ski bum life is fantastic – for a time. Once the snow goes, there isn’t a whole lot to do… other than frequent the many amazing bars in town.

And, there are some downsides to living in such a unique place:

  • If you want to go out for the day somewhere, your options are limited. ‘Ummm… shall we go to Wanaka again?’
  • If you want to do something fun – make sure you have A LOT of money in the bank to pay for the astronomically overpriced tourist attractions in town.
  • If you want a decent and warm house – be prepared to pay FAR TOO MUCH for a bed, and not even your own room.
  • And. If you want a job at the beginning of the ski season… Well. PERSISTANCE IS KEY.

Don’t get me wrong, skiing and boarding EVERY DAY was fantastic, I loved my job, my manager and the staff there, I had some brilliant friends, I lived in an ‘OK’ house, and I relished the whole QT lifestyle for a time. And I had every intention of going back after my parents visited… UNTIL I LEFT and realised that QT is a bubble… and it’s just too claustrophobic for me.

But I’ll leave you with some photos… Yep. I lived in this beautiful place.

Jealous much?

8 thoughts on “A winter spent in Queenstown

  1. Anette says:

    Hi Jo, It is so great to hear from you again. I almost thought you had forgotten about us all because you enjoyed life down under far too much :-).
    Fabulous pictures as always and you mission is accomplished about making us jealous.
    Take care and stay in touch. Love from all of us at VS

    • Jo Brown says:

      Hi Annette!
      Lovely to receive a message from you. Alas I have been terrible at updating my blog – its true, I’ve been having far too much fun!

      I have another few to go up over the next few days also 🙂

      I’m currently living in windy Wellington and loving the city – so much going on and the weather is beautiful atm!

      Say hello to everyone – missing you all!

      Jo x

  2. Sonia Sandy says:

    Lovely to see photos of your life in NZ! Happy birthday for the 11th. We celebrated Richard’s big birthday on Sunday and Mum came to represent you all. We shall help to celebrate her big day on May 1st.

    Enjoy your time down under and we look forward to seeing you when you return, lots of love, A. Sonia and U.Richard xxx

    • Jo Brown says:

      Hello Auntie Sonia! Thanks you for the birthday wishes, I had a great one here in Wellington 🙂

      Happy belated birthday to U. Richard – Mum said it was a lovely day.

      Still loving New Zealand! Currently living a ‘normal’ life in windy Wellington – back into the office for a while. Its a great city and theres so much going on. Visa is until next Feb now so I’m not sure when I’ll be back!!

      Looking forward to seeing you when I return.

      Love, Jo xx

  3. Tilly says:

    I’m just finishing my first season in the Alps, luckily I’ve been sent on transfers and switched resorts but it’s still been claustrophobic, feels like I’ve been stuck up a mountain forever. Was this your first season, will you do another?

    • Jo Brown says:

      I know exactly what you mean! Though QT is a little different to resorts in Europe – you don’t live right next to the ski areas, so at least it’s a little less claustrophobic…

      I’ve done one in France before – this was very different! QT really is a great place, but I was just there far too long. The ski time makes up for it though 🙂

      Do you reckon you will?

      • Tilly says:

        I am hoping to do another season next year in Canada, have you ever been? The amount of time boarding has been amazing, I’ll have boarded 4 countries this season which is a real accomplishment for a beginner 😁

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