Exploring New Zealand’s Northland

After a couple of weeks in Auckland I began to get restless and wanted to be on the move again. And so I set off with my car (come bedroom / lounge / kitchen…) for a six day exploration of New Zealand’s far North.

I drove my car along some spectacular winding roads, stayed in amazingly beautiful camp grounds, enjoyed some fine coastal and forest scenery, and had fun with some great company.

Here’s a selection of photos from my first few days taken between Auckland and Paihia. Please hover and click on them to see the bigger picture.

On my fourth day I reached Paihia where I met up with my friends Charlie and Rich from home (was great to see some familiar faces!), and also overheard three Canadian girls saying they wanted to hitchhike up to Cape Reinga, and so I offered to take all three of them. There started a three day epic adventure with three lovely girls and one jam packed car. It was so lovely to have company and to share these wonderful sites with.

Some highlights from this short trip include;

  • Driving a section of the 90 mile beach
  • Sandboarding on the Te Paki dunes
  • Climbing to the top of a boulder with fantastic 360ยฐ views
  • Driving along the small winding roads
  • Hunting for kiwi birds in the darkness – though not much luck…
  • Walking to the most Northerly point of New Zealand – in the rain
  • Camping right next to the sea and enjoying a spectacular sunset
  • A morning dip in the ocean before setting off on another day’s drive
  • Playing euchre with some lovely Canadian girls

Here’s a few pictures from this section of my trip – from Paihia all the way to Cape Reinga, then back down the West Coast and inland to explore the many forests inhabited with numerous native animals and trees – including the massive kauri tree. (Again, click to enlarge and explore.)

These adventures are hopefully the start of many, many more to come! New Zealand is a fantastic place, full of great scenery at every turn… and I can’t wait to explore more.

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