Melbourne – a culturally fascinating city

Melbourne is a truly mesmerising city. It’s packed full ofย cafe’s selling delicious coffee, quirky pop-up shops, cool graffitied passageways and an abundance of varying street art performers who are all extremely talented. You’re never lost for things to do in ‘happening’ Melbourne.

I stayed in the city for a little over two weeks, and I could stay for much longer. The relaxed vibe, the ‘coffee culture’ and the great shopping were a refreshing change from Asia and it was a fantastic place to unwind, enjoy fab company and prepare for New Zealand.

Here are some of the highlights from my stay:

  • Brighton Beach – lined with colourful beach boxes it really felt like a sunnier version of home
  • Brunswick Street – filled with cool coffee shops, restaurants, vintage clothing stores and graffitied buildings, this place is the ‘hipster’ area of Melbourne and reminded me of Bristol.
  • Queen Victoria Market – on Wednesday nights this market comes to life with live music, masses of yummy food and a fantastic atmosphere. I celebrated my birthday here with my dear friend Rosie, and it was a memorable way to spend the evening (complete with dancing to Louisiana jazz).
  • Enjoying a beer along the river – on lovely sunny evenings there’s no better way to soak up the atmosphere than relaxing with a pint at the numerous bars along the Yarra river.
  • The Moomba festival – I was lucky enough to enjoy some of this yearly Melbourne festival (early-March), and it’s all free! The event lines the Yarra River and is packed full of fun for all the family. Watch the bird-man rally (people dress up and try and launch themselves as far as possible off a deck), cheer on the competing water-skiers, sit back and listen to some amazing live music, or simply share a picnic with some friends. A great way to spend a summer’s day in Melbourne.

These are just a snippet of what I got up to whilst in Melbourne, there are tonnes of other activities to do. Alternatively, simply while away your afternoon on the beach or sit back with a coffee or late breakfast like the rest of the Melbournians.

The above photos (a small selection of many) showcase my stay in this great city – check them out and judge for yourself whether Melbourne is worth a visit. Yes it may not have the iconic Sydney Opera House, but you’re never short of things to do or see whilst there.

Simply put, Melbourne has it all.

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