Relaxing in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a Vietnamese beach resort which has become popular with backpackers and Russians alike. As Maddy and I had decided to skip Nha Trang we decided to stop here for a few days instead. We stayed at a nice hostel, relaxed by the pool and enjoyed a beer whilst watching the wind and kite surfers out on the ocean.

Enjoying a beer

Windsurfers at Mui Ne

Despite this, there isn’t really much to Mui Ne. The beach is blocked from view as you’re walking along the road – you can only see endless resorts, restaurants and shops instead of the sea – and even then it’s difficult to catch a glimpse unless you’re staying at a premiere hotel or willing to pay for a meal or beer. To be able to access the so called ‘beach’ you have to walk quite far up this ugly road to get to it. And then… there’s Russian everywhere. This seems to be a top pick for a cheap Russian holiday getaway, and you can spot them a mile off.

I did spend half a day seeing the sites on offer around Mui Ne, including the nearby fishing village and sand dunes – which are both quite spectacular.

Fishing boats

Sunset on the sand dunes

All in all, it was nice to enjoy some pool time for a couple of days, however I wouldn’t really choose to visit this place again – there are definitely nicer beach resorts around!

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