Canyoning in Da Lat

The main reason that I visited Da Lat was to do the canyoning, and to stay at the Da Lat Family Hostel – which is a super crazy place run by a lovely Vietnamese family.

abseiling down a waterfall

Canyoning was amazing – scary at points, yes – but the adrenaline junky in me loved it. The day included abseiling down fiercely moving waterfalls, experiencing the ‘washing machine’ (hanging off a rock surface and lowering yourself into the churning water below, whilst a waterfall pummels you) sliding head first down streams, jumping off 11 metre high ‘cliffs’, and having loads of fun with newly made friends.



These photos were taken by the tour guide, and so aren’t my own, however they provide you with an idea of what we got up to on the epic day out!

Whilst in Da Lat I also visited the Crazy House – so called because… it’s crazy! The buildings are oddly shaped and look incredibly strange, there’s many nooks and crannies to hide from your friends inside, and scary staircases that snake around the outside of the deformed looking buildings. They seem to be expanding it and adding more hotel rooms, which is beginning to spoil it a little – but it’s still a unique house that is loved by tourists, but somewhat despised by the locals. Here’s a photo that gives you an idea of how ridiculous it really is.

Crazy House

Da Lat is definitely worth a stop between Nha Trang and Mui Ne / Ho Chi Min. There’s plenty of outdoor activities to do as well as canyoning – but we only stayed for the day. The Da Lat Family hostel is also pretty awesome. Every evening ‘Mamma’ prepares a meal that everyone sits down to enjoy – for a measly $2. Then you while away the evening drinking cheap beer and freshly made mojito’s whilst sharing canyoning stories with your new pals. The dorm room is also an experience – 15 mattresses all crammed into the loft like one big sleepover… but it was fantastic and I’d head back again in a heartbeat.

5 thoughts on “Canyoning in Da Lat

  1. Brig Baylis says:

    Staggering array of adventures, impressions, friendships, … you’re clocking up, Jo. So glad to be able to sit in comfort and enjoy your enjoyment of it all. : ) love Brig

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