Ha Long Bay – Photo of the day

Instead of posting the three days we spent at Ha Long Bay separately, I’ve decided to do a long one – detailing my photos of the day across these three days. I have also been pretty busy, so I apologise for the delayed post!

Day Six

Our two day tour of Ha Long Bay started with a look at a cave on one of the many limestone islands. The tourists were numerous, queues were big and the cave was… pretty naff. The guides pointed us towards some of the rock formations that apparently look like many different animals… we weren’t convinced.

Overlooking Ha Long Bay

Today’s photo is one of the first I took of Ha Long Bay. The day was pretty cloudy, but at least it wasn’t raining. The view was a little hazy, but still quite impressive. It was taken from a look out just outside one of the caves – you can see how touristy the bay has gotten with all the boats for the hoards of visitors milling around in the small harbour. It’s such a shame that this natural beauty has become somewhat polluted with the amount of ancient junk boats and litter floating around in the water – I shouldn’t complain too much though as I am guilty of being one of those visitors.

Nevertheless, Ha Long Bay is absolutely breathtaking. Thousands of spiky islands jut out of the water wherever you look, and in the distance (despite the cloud), you can see hill after hill. After the visit to the cave we kayaked for a little while in a little cove that can only be accessed by small boat. It was so peacefully quiet – I took a few minutes after kayaking through the tunnel to sit back and look up at the high mountains surrounding the small circular cove, with only monkeys lounging in the trees for company. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera with me for this section – for fear of it getting wet – so memories will have to suffice.

The evening was spent chatting with newly made friends and gazing up at the sky filled with stars.

Day Seven

Today was action packed. The morning consisted of a trek on Cat Ba Island, we hiked up to the top of a mountain to enjoy draw-dropping views of the surrounding country-side. It almost felt like I was in the film Avatar, or Jurassic Park, and half expected giant pterodactyls to launch themselves from the jungle trees.

Here’s one of today’s photos (I couldn’t choose between two!), that shows me perched on a rock enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Looking out over Cat Ba Island

In the afternoon we headed off on another boat ride to Monkey Island, where we relaxed for a few hours and enjoyed the silky smooth golden sand whilst looking out over Ha Long Bay. On the way back our boat ventured through a huge floating city – this is what my second photo depicts. Thousands of tiny houses are connected together with spindly walk ways. The people who live here use small boats to travel between houses, shops and the mainland – these boats are oddly shaped and they row almost in a backwards fashion. Some people also rowed past by using their feet – as they were too busy texting on their phones to use their hands.

Floating Island

A glorious sunset over Ha Long Bay, seen from Cat Ba Town, was a great end to a fabulous, but tiring day.

Day Eight

A boat ride back to the mainland, lunch, and a bus ride back to Hanoi pretty much sum up our last day on the tour.

Three Boats in Ha Long Bay

This photo captured of three different boats, seen throughout the bay, nicely rounds up our stay at Ha Long Bay.

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