Day Four – Welcome to Vietnam

Waking up at 4am for a 7am flight, arriving in Hanoi at 8.40, waiting for a bus that didn’t leave the airport until 10.30 (because it filled up slowly), and then arriving at our hostel at 11.30 is a thrilling experience that I wish to repeat daily…

I hope you get my sarcasm here.

Our first day in Vietnam was somewhat overshadowed by our tiredness. We spent much of the afternoon in our hostel wallowing in self pity and attempting to plan our first few days in Vietnam. We did however venture out for a walk around the old town, but were almost killed every time we tried to cross the road. It’s somewhat an art – the scooters, cars and bicycles don’t slow down or stop for you when you’re walking, they either dodge or simply beep their horns at you. It’s absolute chaos!

Crazy streets of Vietnam

My day four picture depicts a typical street in Hanoi – although usually there are four times as many scooters on the road. The traditional hat worn by a woman selling items in her baskets (these sellers are everywhere and carry anything from fruit and doughnuts, to vegetables and flowers). This traditional way of life is somewhat juxtaposed by the chaotic cars and scooters that zoom past. It’s also impossible to walk on the pavements, as these are either filled with parked scooters or shops that have spread out their items into the street.

Hanoi is overwhelming at first – especially when arriving very tired! However, once you get used to the crazy never-ending traffic, and the plethora of stores selling Northface and Nikey fakes, it really is a magical city that is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

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