Day Three – Cycling around Ayutthaya

Instead of spending another day in Bangkok, Maddy and I decided to head out to Ayutthaya, a city that was once an ancient capital of the region, which is 85km north of Bangkok. We caught a ridiculously cheap train there (approx. 40 pence), which took roughly an hour and a half, and spent the day with three lovely Americans that we met in our Bangkok hostel.

Today’s picture therefore shows Maddy and one of our new friend’s ‘Joe’ cycling along one of the roads in Ayutthaya – this was captured at a quiet moment, with few cars on the road!

Cycling in Ayutthaya

On arrival in Ayutthaya you immediately get harassed by many tuk-tuk drivers who want to take you on expensive tours around the numerous temple ruins. However, we hired bicycles instead for a measly 80 pence. And so the day was spent cycling around the city, which houses many ancient temple ruins, vast green parks and traffic clogged roads. It was a thrilling day, albeit hot and sunny (which led to very soggy bums), and was even better spent with some great company. The day was rounded off with a game of bananagrams – which was played beside a great lake, where locals fished and boats glided quietly noisily across the water.

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