Day Two

Our second day in Bangkok was spent visiting the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The Grand Palace was colourful, massive and packed with an abundance of Chinese tour groups. Wat Pho was smaller, peaceful and is home to the colossal reclining Buddah.

Today’s picture was taken at Wat Pho and details some of the typical Thai decor seen at temples.

Temples in Bangkok

In the foreground stands a stone goblin-like statue which features heavily on Buddhist sites, in the background you can see a golden buddah – this was one of many that are positioned side-by-side along the walls, and outside the colourful rooftops of the adjacent buildings in the temple complex are clearly visible.

Bangkok is busy and polluted, but it also has it’s highlights. The temples are magnificent – usually extravagantly decorated in either gem stones or pottery, and painted in bright gold, red and orange. The methods of transport are crazy – tuk-tuks that zoom down the road beating all other traffic and only stopping for the red light at the last minute, and water taxi’s that go equally fast and splash the horribly brown and smelly water up in your face. And then there’s Khao San Road which comes to life at night with street sellers, Thai fast food and bars competing with each other for the loudest music award.

It’s been a wild few days in Bangkok.

2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Brig Baylis says:

    Great to read, thanks, Jo. I imagine some areas, specially the temples, are hardly spiritually uplifting…? I’d be interested to know whether worshippers find the statues inspiring…
    Blessings, Brig

    • Jo Brown says:

      It’s very strange – there are often many statues and it seems the bigger, the better! They’re fascinating and beautiful to look at but I can’t see past that. I agree, would be very interesting indeed.

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