Photo of the Day… Day One

Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and post a photo for every day of my trip around South-East Asia. I may not always be able to do this – for various reasons, i.e. too tired, no internet, out partying etc… However, I will endeavour to share a photo of my daily journey.

So here’s Day One.

Water Taxi - Bangkok

I realise this may not be the most interesting, however it’s the first photo taken on my trip, and it details our first Bangkok experience – travelling on a water taxi from our hostel to Khao San Road. The canal smells terrible, it’s scary trying to get on the ferociously rocking boat for the first time, and it’s rammed with people – but it was a fantastic thing to do to welcome us to Thailand.

The rest of our day was filled with other boat trips, tuk tuk rides, getting lost in Thonburi (on the west side of the river) along small local streets, and a visit to Wat Arun, where the steps up and down are in itself terrifying.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day… Day One

  1. Mariama says:

    Amazing! This makes me both sad (because I miss you so and wish I was with you) but happy too because this is going to be one amazing adventure and I can’t wait to see all your pics!

    That is all.

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