Going skiing this winter?

Are you heading to the slopes this winter? Read my top ’10 Things Women Shouldn’t Leave Home Without’ when they head to the Alps for an action-packed and snow-fuelled skiing holiday.

Here’s a quick taster of my article, but read the rest on Pink Pangea – a community website for women who love to travel.

Skiing in the Alps: 10 Things Women Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

The Alps… Spectacular scenery, fresh air, ski pistes and hiking trails – it’s any outdoor enthusiasts dream.

Skiing beneath the dramatic North Face of the Eiger is an image that will forever be captured in my memory – the sheer cliff, the high wall protruding upwards where only snow and ice can safely cling to its surfaces. The Eiger towers above all others in the Jungfrau region – and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

I’ve only ever been to the Alps during the winter months; both the French and the Swiss. The mountains stay snowcapped throughout the year, which always makes for incredible photos. But from November to April the small villages and towns are transformed into winter wonderlands, encased in snow, thriving with activity and showcasing their best and most expensive ski gear.

I look forward to those few weeks every year when I can head back out to these wonderlands – to experience the refreshing mountain air, to hear the echo of the cowbells in the valley, and most importantly, to look forward to some fast and furious skiing on some of Europe’s best ski slopes.

Here’s 10 things you might not want to forget when travelling to the Alps. I have geared this mainly towards skiing, however it can also be adapted to hiking – two of the most popular activities that holidaymakers participate in when they head there.


1. Sunscreen

Here’s something you may never expect to need during winter – but it’s an absolute necessity. A few years ago I forgot to put sunscreen on my chin, and because of the reflection of the sun on the snow, I came away with horrible sunburn that transformed into massive green blisters. To say it was unpleasant is a complete understatement. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Apply generously every few hours.

2. Chapstick (at least SPF 15)

Chapped lips are a great big ‘no-no’ during the winter months. The cold air makes your skin dry, and especially affects this delicate area. While it’s definitely good to apply lip salve often, it’s vital to make sure your lips are protected against the sun – since burnt and dry lips are even worse.

3. Camera

The Alps is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Wherever you turn your eyes will be graced with phenomenal views of valleys, villages, forests and endless snowcapped peaks. The photo opportunities are never-ending–you’ll come back with a full SD card and still regret not taking more. Whilst skiing I still managed to carry around my DSLR camera on some days when I knew the sky would be clear azure. Sometimes it’s a faff, but it’s always totally worth it.


… Read the rest of my article here, on Pink Pangea.

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