Beautifully relaxing Hvar

Hvar is a Croatian island located off the Dalmatian coastline. During the summer months its renowned for being quite a major holiday destination for Croats and backpackers alike. Despite it being November, and very much out of season, Rob (a guy I met in Dubronik and who I stayed with in Split) and I headed to Hvar for a night because we’d tired of Split! Thankfully the weather had also changed so it was beautifully sunny and also rather warm.


For less than 10EUR each for the night, we stayed in an apartment overlooking the ocean with a brilliant view – in the height of summer it would probably have cost 4 or 5 times as much – that’s when travelling out of season has it’s benefits!


With the lack of tourists Hvar Town felt like it had been abandoned. Massive hotel complexes were deadly quiet, and there weren’t many people about apart for locals; but this also meant it was a great place to relax for a few hours after the hectic weeks of travel. That evening we enjoyed a beer by the sea and watched the sun set over the ocean – it was beautiful.


The next day we enjoyed a cooling swim in the clear blue sea and chilled on the decking by the sea for a few hours – with no one around it was like we had the place to ourselves! There aren’t any proper beaches at Hvar Town, it’s mainly built up concrete with decking and permanent sunbeds – it’s all been purposely made for sunbathing and swimming. The harbour is very pretty, there are lots of boats quietly floating on the water – a place for beautiful photographs. It was great to stay out of season and to experience the island the locals see for most of the year – it was just amazing to savour the peace and quiet, and to read my book in the sunshine with nothing but the sound of the lapping sea to accompany me.

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