Bonjour de Paris!


Paris isn’t what I expected. Its dirty, smelly- everyone and their dog smokes, and people jump the barriers in the metro and get away with it. I’ve heard people rave about Paris, don’t get me wrong- there are some wonderful sites- but it just doesn’t fill me with awe as much as I thought it would.

The Eiffel tower is pretty cool- I walked up as it was WAY cheaper and no queue! Good views at the top, despite the rain. It looks amazing at night and it sparkles for the first 5 mins of every hour-a nice feature.

A good thing about being under 25- museum entry is free to EU nationals! The 3 biggies- Le Louvre, Pompidou and D’Orsay are worth visiting. Le Louvre is absolutely massive, and theres so much to see as well as the Mona Lisa- which is rather uninspiring and has a 2 metre barrier around it forcing the hoards of Asian tourists away. Its difficult to battle through and take a crappy photo of the painting reflected against the glass. D’Orsay has an amazing collection of Van Gogh and Monet. It’s housed within an old station so has a fabulous clock in the main auditorium. I was so tired when walking around so did skip a chunk but saw the main attractions. Pompidou is very different- a modern art museum with some strange collections and escalators on the outside. A brilliant view of Paris and the Eiffel tower can be had from the top floor.

Some amazing churches too- Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame- I visited both on a Sunday during mass, I sat down for the service for a while..the organ playing in the Notre Dame was spooky yet phenominal. I found it rather strange to allow hoards of tourists to walk around, take pictures and make noise while there was a sacred service taking place- some were just extremely disrespectful I felt. I made a point of not taking pictures during the service and simply enjoy the atmosphere of the place, it was very interesting to see a mass in French!

Please wait for Paris part 2 coming tomorrow…

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